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Dr. Steven D. Garner, Diplomate ABVP

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Orthopedic Injuries



Regenerative Therapy

With certain Ligament and Joint injuries, surgery is not enough. Pluripotent Stem Cells can help restore torn ligaments and heal with your pets own cells.

The inability to control bowel or bladder function threatens the relationship you have with your loved one.  Stem cell therapy has shown to improve certain causes of incontinence.

Adult Stem Cells modulate the immune system in way that have been shown to dramatically improve allergic disease.

When your loved one finds it difficult to get around, or is painful in a specific joint, stem cells may help regrow cartilage, reduce pain and improve mobility.

Safari Veterinary Care Centers uses adult stem cells to provide State of the “Heart” care that ensures a happy, healthy, pain-free furry loved one. If your pet is suffering from arthritis, joint injury, or non-healing wounds, Stem Cell Safari regenerative therapy can help.  Our procedure produces results using your pet’s own healthy cells to promote reduction of pain and regrowth of tissue.  See our stem cells definition for more information.