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Stem Cell Therapy

Exam and Evaluation for Stem Cell Therapy

Physical‎ Examination, Consultation for appropriateness of stem cell therapy

To determine if there is any evidence of cancer as this is a contraindication for stem cell therapy

Blood Tests
To determine internal organ function & tolerance of anesthesia. Also, pets that have infections are not candidates for stem cell therapy.

Pets that have spinal or neurological disease that stem cell therapy is being considered require this imaging to determine the location of the lesion.

Stem Cell Harvest and Preparation

Surgical Fat Harvest
General anesthesia & a small incision over the upper abdomen to remove a golf ball size amount of abdominal fat.

Stem Cell Preparation
Enzymatic Separation of Stem Cells from the fat. Concentration of the stem cells for injection

Platelet Rich Plasma
Blood‎ is collected from your pet & used to concentrate the blood platelets. This "Platelet Rich Plasma" (PRP) is sometimes used alone to stimulate regeneration. PRP may also be used w/ the stem cells to activate & support stem cell function in certain conditions. PRP is used in most cases of regenerative therapy.

Stem Cell Administration

Sedation for Administration
Some procedures such as intra-articular injection may require sedation

I.V. Administration of Stem Cells
Infusion of a preparation of stem cells into your pets blood stream

Joint Injection of Stem Cells
Intra-articular injection of cells into the joint space. Price is per joint.

Ultrasound Guidance
Some injections require ultrasound to guide the needle into the appropriate tissue

Each case is evaluated to determine if Regenerative Therapy is appropriate.  A prognosis for therapy will be discussed as well as the likelihood of the need for additional treatment.  Stem cell therapy can repair damaged tissues but it may not change the conditions that caused the damage in the first place so repeat therapy may be necessary.  This repeat therapy will require additional stem cells from stored cells or from additional surgical collection procedures.

Stem Cell Storage

Account Set up
One time fee per family of pets

Yearly Storage Fee (waived for first year)
Cells are stored in Liquid Nitrogen Vapor

Retrieval Fee
This fee is per aliquot of cells

Culturing Fee
Expansion of cells to achieve a therapeutically effective number of Cells

Once cells are frozen one time they cannot be re-frozen. For this reason the sample is stored in several (2-4) separate tubes (aliquots). Depending on your pets needs only the amount required will be retrieved so that future stores are still available.

Stem Cell Processing for Your Veterinarian

Your veterinarian can use the Stem Cell Safari processing system.  Your veterinarian does the diagnostic tests & consultation to determine if your pet is a candidate for stem cell therapy. Then your veterinarian collects a sample of your pets fatty tissue.  We collect this tissue & process it – returning it to your veterinarian promptly for application of the stem cells to the appropriate area in need of regenerative therapy.

Stem Cell Processing
90 minute process of separating stem cells from fatty tissue.

Platelet Rick Plasma Kit
Allows your veterinarian to collect platelet rich plasma from your pet.

Hand Delivery
If local to the Houston Texas are we will provide pick up of adipose tissue & delivery of stem cells to your veterinarians practice

Shipping Charges
If‎ your veterinarian is not local to the Houston area then overnight shipping charges are necessary to deliver processed stem cells to your veterinarian.